The Student Assignment, Scheduling, and Homework Assistant is a tool designed to help the student manage his or her many assignments to ensure that they are all completed efficiently and on time. SASHA is currently under development, but stay tuned for a working public release, to be available in the near future.


The current plans for future releases are as follows. All release dates and feature sets are subject to change. (You can influence them by reporting bugs. Be sure to log in with your SourceForge username, if you have one.)

Version Projected Release Actual Release
0.1.0-RC1 Mid 2008 2009-06-19
0.1.0 2009-07-19 2009-09-05
(0.2.0-RC1) (2010-03-28)
0.2.0 Late 2009 2010-06-12

SASHA 0.1.x

SASHA 0.2.x